Three is the magic number

(or so they say - either way...)

Firstly, big thankyou to all those who have helped the recent migration and launch of our new server, and to those who have donated to keep the Network up!

No BIG news for this month, however a few things to look forward to:

New promotional video - currently working on a new trailer for the Network :)

Hardware upgrades - Alteria (PvP Towny) will be getting a boost in memory so less lag spikes when exploring (yay!)

New dungeons - both Ulteria (PvE) and Alteria (PvP) Towny servers will be getting new dungeons for players to get loot from

Now, specifically for Alteria (PvP Towny):

Server shop - a brand new place to buy and sell items!

More custom stuff - you want custom? We'll give you some!

Looking forward, we want your opinion!

Vote at the link below what gamemode you'd like us to add next! If you don't see what you want, then contact us via our Discord server (

Poll: click

Yee haw, y'all

Josh and Lee

Two months already!

(time flies when you're having fun)

Big changes coming this month! Most importantly first, though:

The Towny Map will be reset as of Feb 20th

Now, before you get angry, here's the reasoning; we've had many requests to move to 1.13, which we thought was not possible when we started but now know is (more on that later). We also felt that with 1.14 on the horizon, 1.12 would be very outdated. We also wanted to add new custom biomes into the world.

Yeah, but what about my stuff? Progress? Although your buildings won't be saved, all of your player date (play time and rank, McMMO, Jobs, Tokens, Cosmetics, balance) will be transferred. Additionally, you can save your items using a playervault, with the command /pv 1, you can store whatever items you wish to save in there. Finally, all the towns will remain too! All town banks, members and claims will stay exactly the same.

Got a question? Ask a member of staff!

Moving on, we have some great new additions coming up:

Alteria PvP Towny

We'll be adding a new Towny server on March 1st! This server will be more PvP orientated, with raiding, dungeons, bounties, custom pvp and biomes, and much more! This will be in 1.13, and will be a great addition, making us (a real) network!

With this, there will be a new Hub server linking the two other gamemodes together. This will be released in the next week or so!

And that's about it! Join our Discord server ( to keep updated with the latest.


Josh and Lee

Ulterium Networks has been up and running for 

one month!


Throughout the last month, we've had lots happening;

Lots and lots of bug fixes;

New cosmetics added;

Marriage, Refer-a-Friend and some other plugins added;

A re-worked admin shop (after popular request);

Player markets added;

A church, fortress and parkour added to spawn;

and a bunch more!

Looking towards the future... we have some great things lined up and in planning, but no exact dates yet.

Server host change - probably the biggest thing in this list. Players shouldn't see much difference, but we'll be upgrading our hardware, which will mean there'll be a breif period of downtime (more closer to transfer)

Dynmap - with new hardware, and public dynmap may become available

Dungeons - players can fight bosses in teams or solo to get some cool custom loot

Better backup protocols - so no more losing lots of Town data by accident :D

Battle grounds team fights - minigames as events where one team goes against another

Thanks all for supporting us, especially those who have donated this month; we really appreciate it, you guys are solo-carrying the server.

Stay cool, and see you next month

Josh and Lee


From all of the members of staff from the Ulterium Networks staff team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

'Tis the season to be jolly! Enjoy the holidays with a 30% sale off all items from our donor store! This will be starting 22nd December, and ending Boxing Day (26th December).

Thank you to all those who have already donated - without you, this community would not be at all possible. Thanks also to all those who have played during our first week, testing the server and finding bugs for us to fix!

Enjoy your holiday, and see you in the New Year!

Ulterium Networks will be launching on 16th December, 12pm EST

We're very close to opening the server, and are offering a 25% discount on all items from the store during the first week.

When at the checkout, use code ULT-25 for your 25% discount. 

See you all on the 16th!

Ulterium Networks Minecraft Server

Welcome to our server!

Ulterium is a towny survival server with a bunch of extra plugins such as McMMO, jobs, crates, cosmetics, play-time rankups and much more!

Server IP:

Interested? Why not join our Discord server too to talk to our community and staff.

Ulterium Networks will be released on December 16 12pm EST. Until then, be sure to keep up with our progress via the Discord server or website updates :)

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