Ulterium Networks has been up and running for 

one month!


Throughout the last month, we've had lots happening;

Lots and lots of bug fixes;

New cosmetics added;

Marriage, Refer-a-Friend and some other plugins added;

A re-worked admin shop (after popular request);

Player markets added;

A church, fortress and parkour added to spawn;

and a bunch more!

Looking towards the future... we have some great things lined up and in planning, but no exact dates yet.

Server host change - probably the biggest thing in this list. Players shouldn't see much difference, but we'll be upgrading our hardware, which will mean there'll be a breif period of downtime (more closer to transfer)

Dynmap - with new hardware, and public dynmap may become available

Dungeons - players can fight bosses in teams or solo to get some cool custom loot

Better backup protocols - so no more losing lots of Town data by accident :D

Battle grounds team fights - minigames as events where one team goes against another

Thanks all for supporting us, especially those who have donated this month; we really appreciate it, you guys are solo-carrying the server.

Stay cool, and see you next month

Josh and Lee


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