Two months already!

(time flies when you're having fun)

Big changes coming this month! Most importantly first, though:

The Towny Map will be reset as of Feb 20th

Now, before you get angry, here's the reasoning; we've had many requests to move to 1.13, which we thought was not possible when we started but now know is (more on that later). We also felt that with 1.14 on the horizon, 1.12 would be very outdated. We also wanted to add new custom biomes into the world.

Yeah, but what about my stuff? Progress? Although your buildings won't be saved, all of your player date (play time and rank, McMMO, Jobs, Tokens, Cosmetics, balance) will be transferred. Additionally, you can save your items using a playervault, with the command /pv 1, you can store whatever items you wish to save in there. Finally, all the towns will remain too! All town banks, members and claims will stay exactly the same.

Got a question? Ask a member of staff!

Moving on, we have some great new additions coming up:

Alteria PvP Towny

We'll be adding a new Towny server on March 1st! This server will be more PvP orientated, with raiding, dungeons, bounties, custom pvp and biomes, and much more! This will be in 1.13, and will be a great addition, making us (a real) network!

With this, there will be a new Hub server linking the two other gamemodes together. This will be released in the next week or so!

And that's about it! Join our Discord server ( to keep updated with the latest.


Josh and Lee

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