Three is the magic number

(or so they say - either way...)

Firstly, big thankyou to all those who have helped the recent migration and launch of our new server, and to those who have donated to keep the Network up!

No BIG news for this month, however a few things to look forward to:

New promotional video - currently working on a new trailer for the Network :)

Hardware upgrades - Alteria (PvP Towny) will be getting a boost in memory so less lag spikes when exploring (yay!)

New dungeons - both Ulteria (PvE) and Alteria (PvP) Towny servers will be getting new dungeons for players to get loot from

Now, specifically for Alteria (PvP Towny):

Server shop - a brand new place to buy and sell items!

More custom stuff - you want custom? We'll give you some!

Looking forward, we want your opinion!

Vote at the link below what gamemode you'd like us to add next! If you don't see what you want, then contact us via our Discord server (

Poll: click

Yee haw, y'all

Josh and Lee

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